Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fabric Selection and Decoration

Ref 20a)  numbers 1-12  from left top               Ref 20b) numbers 1-12 from left top
In my fabric selection I used a range of fabrics over my four key colours, these included dylon dyed muslin 20a 1 and 20a 3' mop' dyed muslin 20b 1 and 2, dylon dyed felt 20a 2. Felt 20a 4/8/9 and 20b 9. Shop purchased printed cottons 20a  5/7.  Dupon silk 20a 6. Sateen 20b 5/10.  Polyester organza 20a12, 20b 6/8/12. Cotton calico 20a 10, 20b 3/4(mops), 20b 7. Polyester sheen 20a 11.  Polyester with sequin 20b 11. 
The 'mops' were made during the paper colouring exercise.
The printing effects are shown below:
Apologises that they do not appear in the same order as the original board!! But all samples have been attached with original fabric details.
Ref 21 a,b,c,d.  Organza proved to be the most difficult fabrics to make an imprint on but when overlaid against self coloured papers the results proved more effective.  Felt fabric needed more paint as it absorbed.  Silks and cottons appeared to take prints more easily and effectively.

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