Sunday, 29 June 2014

Chapter 12 a: Resolved Sample - initial ideas

Now to pull it all together, thoughts, textures, shapes, paper, fabric, stitch, threads and touch.  A plethora of samples but the need to hit simple concepts that pull them all together and make an impact.  I became bogged down in worrying about final shape and sketched various ideas; vases, picture, cushions, 3D maps and when I thought of a wedge shaped cover for a cheese board knew I was loosing the plot!  Rejected lots of sample drawings and headed for cover! That could be my route out...The sketch bookcover, but perhaps not... 
Ref 5.12.1b
Ref 5.12.1a
A day away from even thinking about the matter at hand...Returning back and going over the  pictures three images stood out.
Ref 5.12.1c
 The third image proved to be the most compulsive!  My idea of the sketch book cover was fast disappearing - its size was daunting and I was coming to the conclusion that I wanted to use my samples in Chapter 10 as a cover!
But a thought that becoming overwhelmingly attractive was the thought of making a piece of jewellery and the right hand image of Ref 5.12.c offered inspiration. The plan would be to ensure that a combination of textures that appeared in the other samples in Ref 5.12.1 c were used.  But then the concern, would this piece be large enough...should I progress this development?  Some paper models would help me decide but I felt that different depths of 'stones' could be worked.  Would separate samples that were linked by threads be acceptable? Perhaps another pause is needed... Could this be the colour theme blacks, bronze and golds. 
Ref 5.12.2
Paper thread and tissue paper on left with threads and fabric pieces machine stitched on soluble fabric.  On the right a range of black fabrics: velvet, cotton, felt interspersed by gold/bronze silks, gold lame and chiffon with silk throwsters and dyed and crochet thread. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Design from landscape; Texture and shape

Selecting three images from my original design ideas board I included variation of shapes for possibilities of flat and raised texture.
The choices: Coral beach, Skye; Broch of Gurness, Orkney; shore line of Mull of Kintyre
As well as the main picture close up views were used as we had done in Chapter 4 of Module 2.
Ref 5.11.1a

With sketch book in hand the follow results appeared. Selecting an earth tones palette with a touch of green.  General warming up marks were made with pastels and pencils before tackling ones specific to images. The pastels were more user friendly and on the textured sketch pad paper shapes and textures appeared. Before making papers decided to look more closely at photos for shapes and colours and placed them on storyboards to focus on when making my marks.
Ref 5.11.1b
Ref 5.11.1c
While musing on the pictures I suddenly looked at my Module 5 sketch/sample book!It appeared to be a cross section of the Moine Thrust, which was the geological feature/area I was in when I took my header photo for this Module. I would bear this in mind as the chapter progressed.
Ref 5.11.2

Flat Textures
Printing with black acrylic on perspex I made a series of papers
Ref 5.11.3a

Ref 5.11.3b
Ref 5.11.3c

Textured papers
Ref 5.11.4b
Ref 5.11.4a

The first adventure for texture was with emulsion paint that was imprinted with stamps and card edges. The second adventure was with PVA glue that was 'drawn' and allowed to dry before painting.  

Ref 5.11.4c

Ref 5.11.4d
The colour  was an experiment for although I had earlier considered earth tones  this adventure came about  when  I was thinking of doing underlaying 'igneous' rock colours...a step to far! When reviewing these papers considered that the method, but in the rights colours, could be used for a base layer for the resolved sample.

Ref 5.11.5d
Ref  5.11.5c
Ref 5.11.5a
Ref 5.11.5b
Having selected the papers tearing began...
Ref 5.11.6a
Ref 5.11.6b

Ref  5.11.6d
Ref 5.11.6c
With some of the remaining pieces of paper I played, maintaining straight lines but beginning to see new lines of textures and movements around the pieces
Ref 5.11.7a
Ref 5.11.7b
Ref 5.11.7c
Ref 5.11.8a
Ref 5.11.8b

Then I decided to...explore! I suddenly wanted to hone in on the beach photo from my header for Module 5 , references 5d and 6 d above and take a close up narrower view. So I cut the shapes, defined by colour and texture blocks,  and then had a play with some of the textured papers.

I liked the idea of perhaps flipping it on its side; just as the Moine thrust had done, and playing with the different textures or strata and forming a three dimensional shape but that leads me into Chapter 12 and some trial samples. Before all that have just reviewed all my chapters and collected thoughts on my priorities, helped by Sian's comments, will add this to the TEC list and focus on the task ahead... these words emerged.