Sunday, 19 February 2012

Growth and Disintegration (ii)

For my stitchery sample I revisited the shapes of Chapter 9. Sadly in presenting the samples for photography I ironed and flattened the appearance rather badly.  However the exercise did reveal how working the fabric with sewing near the edges of the cross did encourage the edges to curl, particularly with the sample in the  bottom centre and the right of 30a.  Frayed and gathered strips could also blur outlines
                                                                                                   Ref 30a
For a composite sample of several shapes I used fabrics and threads in 30b, cut shapes and bond them to the base fabric with a chiffon top layer.
Ref 30b
By bonding the shapes I had thought stitching would be a vehicle for interest but I soon realised that I should have frayed the shapes before bonding them as they appeared rather stark.  This piece will be revisited and more stitching will be used as I experiment in preparation for the final resolved samples.

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