Monday, 21 January 2013

Button making

 Buttons or brooches - stick pins could be added to these individual pieces.  Initially took photos of these on complimentary fabric but feel they look better set out in a more uniform arrangement.  
                                                               Ref 3.7.1                                                                     Ref 3.7.2

The top right hand button in 3.7.1- in which  twinned ombre perle thread was worked around paper 'spikes'. The top right hand brooch in 3.7.2 was a selection of threads mounted on soluble fabric, layered with beads onto a piece of suede, mounted on thin sheet of silver and then hand made card - it was one of a series made inspired by skies in the Western Isles.  
While doing these pieces it reminded me of others made before using paper yarn and basket making techniques. Two of the pictures below show pieces used as jewellery the central picture shows the begin of one of my small pots - using figure of eight weave
Now for a bit of spiralling fun, a  brooch - Highland fling  range- where spiraling wire forms the base of the body and a Celtic twist at the belt line.  Inspiration thanks to Serena de la Hay, Wicker Man and Mary Heumansperger's book Fabulous Woven Jewellery.


  1. Love your cords, tassels and buttons Judith. The colours are gorgeous and you have used such a wonderfully rich collection of yarns.

  2. What a lovely collection of cords, tassels & buttons! I must say I am really looking forward to this section myself. Is your spiralling lady off to a Burns Night? Hope she has fun :-)

    1. Thanks Catherine and Ros, feel the photos are not the best but enjoyed playing with threads by the fire. Hope to be dancing on Burns night, if we get out, lots of drifting snow here!

  3. Hi Judith - lovely stuff. I'm right at the beginning of Module 3 and like Ros, I'm looking forward to working my way through. Snow is disappearing here in Kent, so I hope it doesn't last too long up there.