Monday, 11 November 2013

Next steps to presentation piece

Nothing like the onset of the day of reckoning to make you really work out how you are going to complete a piece! Lists of what you have got to do, lists of how to do it, lists of what you may need - but nothing like getting stuck in on stage one to find out that you should have done something else first or there could have been another way to do it!!!  
Ref 4.11.1
Ref 4.11.2
Making internal copy of shell with paper pulp wanted to get the ridge pattern and did a thick layer pressing hard into shell.  It took three days to dry and in that time contempated that I should have layed thread layers in shell to integrate into the piece so when it was dry did another shell to see what looked best!  I also noted that the 'hinge' edge needed to be stronger so incorporated that into second trial piece.

Ref 4.11.4
 The process of making another shell to see if what I thought I should have done first helped to focus me on the next stage.  I wanted to have a more diffused image on one of the shells, so hopefully next stage will come up with the goods!

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