Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Texture in Landscape

The header for this Module is a landscape that I love, the North coast of Scotland, Melness Bay, Tongue in view of a wonderful mountain, Ben Hope.  What is so special is not only all the elements of the landscape sea, sky, sun, water, sand, stone and wood but the evidence of human endeavour and adventure.
What an incredible subject this Module offers for exploration, just where do you start?  Having been told to hone on a key area  I first wanted to consider the four fundamental elements AIR, WATER, EARTH and FIRE  to focus onto photos and research books that whetted my appetite.  I started with a look at the master of overview, Bernhard Edmaier.  His wonderful panoramic shots have always inspire me and his book, Patterns of the Earth, Phaidon is well thumbed.
http://www.bernhard-edmaier.de/en/fine-art.html Earth, water and fire

For the 'air' photo I have choose a picture of Ben Hope with the clouds or 'wave bars' that I took on the day after the picture used  for the header to Module 5

Then setting out a story board I contemplated which element held the most attraction.  A large print was taken of each element as well a smaller photo which were colour intensified

Earth, top left, shows the strata detail from topsoil through stone, mud, sand and the detail of a tree root !
Fire, top right shows the burnt heather  pattern marks on hills
Air, bottom left, shows the potential of cloud study
Water, bottom right shows the pattern of the bottom as well as the ripples
Then added key ideas that came to mind for each element:

Ref Coral beach Skye, detail
Ref Coral beach, Skye
Having concluded that Earth had been formed by fire, air and water thought it appropriate. I had enjoyed my initial course with Distant Stitch where I had worked on a stone wall ...ideas from that are still occupying my imagination on the link between humans and place.  But  for now I wanted to explore the texture of soil, strata and stone. Now some 'starter' examples.  

Ref Ideas sheet

Ref Ring of Brodgar detail
Ref Ring of Brodgar Landscape
Some of the photos show location and detail, some just detail which in fact can be enlarged in further chapters to obtain more textural context for work. 
Ref Arbroath Abbey 
Ref Arbroath Abbey wall

As well as natural views I have also included photos of Ring of Brodgar, Broch of Gurness and Arbroath Abbey which are signs of humans being touched by the texture of the landscape and  making their own marks.  

 My own collection of stones picked up on walks:
Ref 5.1.a
Ref 5.1.b
Ref 5.1.c

Ref 5.1.e


  1. It is always such a treat to look at your blog Judith. I love your photos and you have made a beautiful start to Module 5. I look forward to seeing how it develops.

    1. Catherine, thanks for your support. We must meet up again once this snow has gone, not much colour outside today but the next chapters are in black, white and neutral so it should serve as inspiration!