Thursday, 25 September 2014

Introduction Module 6

A time to sift through and select a host of my photos that reflect the key themes for Creative Conservation in water and sky images.  Concentrating on colour combinations and textural effects that can be seen in the whole picture and within the detail.
Ref 6.Intro.1
Ref 6.Intro 2
Ref 6 intro 3
Having selected and rejected a host of  personal photos I then explored the work of four artist, looking first at Turner, the images 2 and 3 and Monet below, suggested by Sian. The contrasting images of reflection achieved offer interesting contrasts of style, coupled with the variation of placing of horizons.  The energy that is achieved in the use of colour whether bright or subdued is something to consider

Ref 6.intro 4
Ref 6 intro 5

 Two modern artist that came to my mind, the photographer Ansel Adams; and  Andy Goldsworthy;

In looking into Ansel Adams work I found the quote, 'There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer'. A thought to keep in mind while working through ideas, how to convey and what you want to convey. While writing the blog I also became aware of a modern photographer Mark Robert Davey, and was interested to find his portfolio featured people within the landscape... While studying the pictures I kept in mind that the end project from these studies was to be a wall hanging that addressed the issues of conservation; would I select an issue on pollution, climate change, nature or another concern? 
As images swirled around  suddenly my photo of the sunset over the Isle of Skye bought the phrase Ring of Bright Water  into mind - the story of Gavin Maxwell and his rescue of an otter had actual taken place beside where you now see the Skye Bridge. But then a strong feeling emerged, a more recent sailing adventure on the Caledonian Canal, with the image showing Mike in a moment which made me think of the quote, 'some times I sits and thinks sometimes I just sits!!'  Perhaps a theme of conservation involving peoples reaction and participation...But no decision needed at this time, keep the mind open to even more ideas... 
We were asked to keep in mind that the size of the piece should be A2 to A1 and to consider where we would like to display the item if not in our own home, the gauntlet had been thrown down by Sian now to the first steps on the journey!

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