Monday, 29 December 2014

Chapter 8b compositions to take forward

Before moving onto Chapter 9 I needed to select at least 3 small colour compositions.  
So a pause to review preceding chapters and also take photos and sketches of  Glen Nochty.  Being winter the bright colours of my earlier chapters were not evident and a pastel hue seemed to be more relevant! But will play with the colours in Chapter 9 In the meantime have used coloured sugar paper which reflects this gentler tone. By a strange coincidence I looked at the geological map of the area- its one of my quirks- and guess what!  
Ref 6.8b 1
Ref 6.8b 2
Just love the fact that there's a flash of pink in the middle at bottom line of picture! It indicates the presence of Grampian Granitic bedrock! Following a walk in Glen Nochty a simple picture of one of the small burns that runs into the Nochty revealed the following image when I colour embossed it!
Ref 6.8b 3
Ref 6.8b 4 i and ii
But no decisions on colour until I decorate papers in chapter 9 and experiment with colour tones .  For now an experiment with the sugar paper and images from previous chapters. For sample 3 inserted a slither of colour, which on seeing as I write the blog would be nice to see in the reflected image...
For the samples in 4 used colour to play with the shapes 5 and 2 in the first part of Chapter 8 which  appeared as 3 and 5 in Chapter 6. Should have kept my sample numbers in some sequence to have made cross referencing easier.
Ref 6.8b 5 i and ii
Ref 6.8b 6

The samples in 5 left revisited images from Loch Courusk and the wave patterns (bottom image 5 ii) in the sand as in 8.5.  Neither were not successful and had written all over them, 'need to revisit' but it did reminded me of a more interesting image I had used for my notebook cover on my wanderings around the coastline of Scotland.  The fact that a footprint causes sand to dry out as you walk always intrigued me as do contour lines hence the drawing in 6.

But before go into Chapter 9 just wanted to put in a line from a poem that we used for our Walking To Health group Christmas card, WH Davies 's poem What is this life.  We were on a walk in October this year when the title came to mind and no one could get the author,  although we all knew the first lines.  Googling it I was delighted to read it and these lines about water and sky leapt out:
No time to see, in broad daylight, 
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

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