Sunday, 30 October 2011

Inspiration and colour

Inspiration:When is a cross a cross and not a star or a star a star and not a cross?
It appears that the line between whether we are looking at a star or a cross can be blurred; an item such as a compass is an example of many crosses; ‘a geometrical figure consisting of two  lines perpendicular to each other  dividing in two’ Webster dictionary definition of a cross.  The same source gives the definition of a star as: ‘ A figure with points radiating like the spokes of a wheel’- both aspects are incorporated in a compass.  To explore this quandary cross and star shapes were found amongst items and photos already in my possession, see photos ref 1 and 2.

Other samples of cross and star shapes were drawn see ref 3 and 4. In some cases shapes were selected as they simplified complex patterns e.g., the Celtic cross show bottom left in ref 1 was complex but the shape d)2 in ref 3 had the influence of Celtic without too much detail. 

While considering these pictures words, shapes and symbols came to mind, see re 5 and 6.
                                            Ref 5 A3 size                                        Ref 6 Mind maps each A 5 

 Colour Circle 
Ref  7 First attempt

Setting out to produce the colour wheel a recipe sheet , see Ref 8, was made to help replicate the colours in future.  
                                                     Ref 8 A5 book
The paint used on the wheel was too thick and looked cumbersome but on contemplating complementary, split complementary, triad and tetrad themes certain colours sang out to me…going into autumn and with a garden full of changing leaf and flower colour how could I not pick green and red!  Similarly yellow appealed because of leaf colours and the purple reflected recent sunsets.  See Ref 9 a and b.  I set off on a route that would revisit the production of a colour wheel and recipe book in the future!
                                                           Ref 9 a and b A 3 story boards
NB All images are A4 unless otherwise stated

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