Sunday, 30 October 2011

Design Development

 Surprised at the time it took to complete this exercise it was great to end up with lots of ideas of how further designs could be developed see Ref 16. 

                                      Photo 4 x 6                                                                             Photo 4 x 6
Design Sheet Ai and Aii.  The shape of a cross ( Ref 3 c2 ) chosen for the distort on nylon was placed over a triangle and circle see Ref 13.  In order to achieve the distort on design v) graph paper was used. It took several attempts to get a satisfactory result even with graph paper! see Ref 14
Design sheet Bi and Bii
A series of patterns were tried See Ref 15 before deciding on design G where an overlap had been used.  The design is a little too tight and does not leave enough space around its edges.  The new shapes, however, provide a much more dynamic result, especially a, and b, if one considers using them as a four component design see  ref 16.
Design Ci and Cii

NB All images are A4 unless otherwise stated

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