Monday, 19 December 2011

Complex samples

Before doing fabric samples I reviewed previous chapters and samples to select  a variety of patterns that were not too busy...saved in a word document I was unable to put onto blog.  
To aid the process a selection of paper samples were made in the hope that this would clarify how I would undertake the fabric samples.  Notes and comments were made as to what pleased or jarred.  Strangely when taking note of these comments while working on the fabric samples even more ideas came to mind as the choice of fabric had bearing on finished item!  So much for sticking to a plan...  there's always the next three chapters!!!
Ref 25 Paper samples i - iv                 Ref 25 Fabric samples i - iv
                            Ref 25 Paper samples  v-vii                   Ref 25 Fabric samples  vi-vii          Ref 25 paper and fabric viii

Ref 25 Paper and fabric ix

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