Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Study of Tone

While making tonal columns I became aware of a host of images using just black and white and have included these at the end of the chapter as a source of design inspiration for further study.
                                             Ref Page 2                         Ref Page 3
 Ref Page 2  Newspaper type weave and black paper hole punch                   
 Ref Page 3  Oil pastels, soft pastels, graphite pencils
                                    Ref Page 4                                     Ref Page 5 image a top b) bottom
Ref Page 4 Dabs of ink on paper towel and tissue, charcoal rub on wire, torn magazine         
Ref Page 5, 
Image a) Black paper, felt, cut paper, kitchen towel, oil pastel, pastel, cut paper                                                                                       
Image b) White paper, oil pastel ink rub, felt tip pen, black paper, felt    
The images below  were taken when visiting the Platt Museum in Manchester, they show the QR scan image, 5c) that is used to connect mobile phones to the collections website and the other image, 5d) is from the Button  Museum which is incorporated in the Platt Museum.  This QR quick response image is increasingly seen  in newspapers and magazines and is a successor to the bar codes we have all got use to seeing on any merchandise that we buy.                                             
Ref Page 5 Image c)
 Ref Page 5 Image e)

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