Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tonal in Stitch

Ref Page 6 2a-d
2a Graph paper sequence of growth/disintegration of design stitch
2b - 2d show a variety of thread and stitch densities being used to show effect on 14 holes to the inch canvas.
threads included: cotton perle, crochet cotton, ribbon, linen, wool, polyester thread.
2d shows the danger of selecting sewing threads at night.  I thought the ribbon was white but it has a cream appearance in day light!

Ref page 7 2e -2h
2e Pattern development in a sequence of eight phases.  Sequence 5 appears to resemble scales
2f Spacing of and elongating stitch in four phases
2g Thickness of thread see 2i for back or work.  This sample proved the most interesting. Phase 5 and 6 should have been reversed as while the linen thread in 6 appeared lighter on the reel its slubby texture made it darker in the canvas.
2h Tonal study from white to black
 Ref Page 7 2i

The reverse of 2g also proved fascinating in that the way one worked the stitch, horizontally or vertically and whether one completed a stitch or worked in columns of one aspect of the stitch, made the shading of the tones and texture an aspect to consider in future stitching samples.

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