Thursday, 10 May 2012

Making patterns and bleached patterned papers

The previous chapter showed marks made on papers for each animal theme.  For this chapter I have shown mark makers and the effect made when used with bleach.
Ref Page 34
Top image:foam fish stamp, a lace piece which did not work with bleach
second row: plastic embossed sheet, metal rasp, string fingerprint block, herringbone foam block
third row: foam cardboard and string block, feather foam stamp, nuts and bolts, linocut fish stamp
fourth row:magic sponge, didn't work, fruit net.
The most difficult aspect of printing with bleach was to ensure that not too much was used as the image spread on drying.  I had tried to use a milder 'cleanser' as bleach is not something I use but found the results disappointing so resolved to buy some bleach.  As I was concerned that the black tissue I had may have also been a problem I also dyed some white tissue with Quink.  A couple of the mark makers proved ineffective: the lace needed more pressure, I had previously used a printing press when printing this design;  the cardboard designs used too replicate human skin cross section collapsed under pressure and so felt the idea of monoprint as show in page 29 was a better option for taking inspiration from skin cross section
The results below show the impact of thick bleach on both types of paper.
Ref Page 35 a            Ref Page 35 b
Ref Page 35 c            Ref Page 35d
Ref Page 35e           Ref Page 35f
 As my heavy handed dipping of bleach had proved somewhat crude I decided to try a stitch pattern to control amount of bleach onto tissue.
While becoming stumped on the last part of Chapter 4 I had found an ammonite pattern which appealed.  I was also feeling anxious as I had not been doing stitching samples and the idea came, how about stitching a pattern on paper and dying through the paper.
The result of a shell pattern stitched, without thread,  is shown below:
 Again I overdid the bleach! Should show more patience...but liked the idea of the stitch marks perhaps, however, should consider a pricking on a firmer card as when making lace patterns.  I liked the idea that within the pattern there would be an option to put a variety of patterns within each section.
Now the task of stitching some samples!

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  1. These look great Judith, I love the feather pattern. You have some super print blocks. It was nice to see your print blocks as well as the prints from them. Great idea to stitch before dyeing.