Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tonal Effects

 For this chapter a series of machine stitch samples on white cotton have been made using my Bernina Activa  140 machine.  I recorded the stitch number used and varied stitch length and width to change the appearance of the stitch across the 4 inch samples. Page numbers and sample references are on each page.
Ref 9 samples a and b    Page 10 samples c and d
  Page 11 samples e and f Page 12 samples g and h
Page 13 samples i and j Page 14 samples k and l
The next set of samples was done with loosening the spool to allow threads to show through and with placing perle threads in spool.  The sample on page 15m) shows the degrees of loosening the spool tension.
 Page 15  samples m and n Page 16 o and p
 Page 17 samples q and r Page 18 samples s and t
Page 19 samples u
Making the stitch samples was a harder exercise than I anticipated. Vary the length and width while sewing proved difficult in keeping ones eye on direction!!! If I tried to pause between varying width or length the piece tended to look bumpy!  I didn't seem to get the differential in stitch widths that was shown in manual and am unsure why this is the case.
I have mounted samples so that I can look at the back of each piece as in some instances the back was as interesting as the 'front'.  Most of the samples would have improved if I had used more double thickness of fabric, however, I told myself the samples would look better once pressed and just kept going!!  

 When starting to do the columns I felt I needed to take careful note of texture patterns in my animal collection before hurrying ahead with samples.  This would help me compare drawings and stitches from the 4 inch samples more closely.

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  1. Hi Judith,

    How lovely it was to discover another Distant Stitch student so close. It would be great to meet up. I replied to your comments suggesting Torphins as a meeting place, but I was tired and my geographical knowledge had obviously gone to sleep. Maybe Logie Coldstone would be kind of half-way. There is a coffee/antique shop there. I've been looking at your blogs and wow! I love your work. You have such a different approach from me and very imaginative. I love how you incorporate text and also so many local references.