Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Research for Spirals

Spirals seem to appear everywhere! 
My first thoughts were to spelling out my thoughts and literally applying these to types of spirals.
                                                         Ref 1 a) Radiating and thickening       Ref 1 b)scrolls uniform and random 

                                                      Ref 1 c) open end and double                        Ref 1 d) even, changing direction and wrap

The initial samples had bought to mind other connecting ideas Reference 5 and 3 D objects.  My 3 D objects sit beside my story boards for further inspiration from past pieces of works - am hopeful they can be cross referenced in later chapters of the module.
While exploring the types of spirals and investigated how these are designed I began to like the idea of random spirals that appear in wood knots, waves, skyscapes and wind patterns in fields of barley and stretches of sand. But that will be for later! Now I will concentrate on making spiral designs.  I have decided to do a spot of free designing of shapes and patterns and made up three few 'stamps' .
                                                              Ref 2 Spiral doodles                              Ref 3, stamps made from foam and paper covered wire
I was also delighted to come across the work of Trinh Vu and to see how she made her spiral creations, please see the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mmuGWw0frU, just  2.30 minutes to show the simplicity of an idea but the complexity of the process!  
For my way forward  I referred to George Bain's wonderful dictionary, Celtic Art; The Method of Construction and Janet Edmonds three-dimensional Embroidery (specifically her page on shells!)
                                  Ref 5 the opening continuing and curving of spirals      Ref 6 Spiral circles and 3 d 'cuts and bands'

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  1. Thanks for the information and link to Trinh Vu's work - fascinating and beautiful.