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Fabrics and Threads

 In the last chapter, Ref 3.2.2a and 3.2.2b I had started to sort out threads that existed in my storecupboard it was now time to do the same with fabrics.  
For this exercise I included the Deb Menz 'Colorwork' colour cards to try and keep me on track! See 3.3.1a and b below
A range of samples of white silk and cotton fabrics were selected to dye and I also included small squares of fabric dyed for Module One,shown at bottom of 3.1.1a and b.  Using dip dyeing and random dyeing techniques the samples, shown in the centre of each picture, show the results also including threads dyed at the same time. 
Concentrating on pinks, yellows and greens, the pinks were the most success and greens the least, see the turqoise (nice colour but not what I had tried to mix)that appeared on 3.3.1b third from bottom on left! 
Wetted fabric seemed to take colour best. I wish I had taken pictures of the fabrics before it was rinsed as the colours seemed more true to my hopes- maybe next time I won't rinse all of the fabric!
Ref 3.3.1a                                                                                                                                                         Ref 3.3.1b
Before doing monoprints on paper (from the last chapter) and fabric I had a play with some ideas of spirals with Gimp programme.  Sian had sent a great set ofcomputer enhanced pictures of one of my spirals from the last chapter, also, a recent trip to see some Pictish stones at St Vigeans had inspired me. As my hand was still sore it seemed a perfect time to revisit spiral designs before getting into the process of monprints, which I recall needed one to move smoothly and at speed!
            Ref 3.3.2a                                                   Ref 3.3.2b
Ref 3.3.2c Celtic cross at St Vigeans

These images show 3.3.2a, top image; centre of Celtic cross(3.3.2c), the middle image;a footprint (found when removating our house) perhaps a hint of paisley and the bottom image; paisley design which comes from my doodle page: ref 2.  In 3.3.2b the left image; my earlier work in the module ref 1a, and the right image;corrugated model 3.2.8a.
Here are the results after further play. The designs were printed onto transfer paper then heat set onto fabrics, interesting to see the colour change of above designs on the fabrics.
  Ref 3.3.3a                                                                                                                                                             Ref 3.3.3b
Printed on dyed green cotton                  Printed on dyed beige cotton                                                                          

Ref 3.3.3c                                           
 Printed on hand dyed purple muslin

                                                        Ref 3.3.3d
                         Printed on hand dyed olive muslin
Now to the monoprints. I decided to print papers first and then with colour palette refreshed and fabric medium added, and eventually an irredescent medium added, continued onto the fabrics.  Hoped to get the maximum out of the colours but realised there was still more left on my screen so did some threads as well!
Have had problems with my camera 'speaking' to my computer so these colours look a bit unrealistic, hope to get problem sorted and my cameraphone back in action.
                                   Ref 3.3.4a paper, helix and paisley patterns                Ref 3.3.4b fabric, wheels, scrolls and paisley
                            Ref 3.3.4c  papers on left fabric on right                   Ref 3.3.4d fabric
                                                                            Ref 3.3.4e Fabric printed then flooded - polyester tile print

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  1. These are looking great Judith and your colours work so well together. I particularly like your corrugated spiral 3.3.3c and 3.3.4e the polyester tile print. Hope your hand will be feeling better soon - must be very frustrating when you obviously have some great ideas to explore!