Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Ref 4.3.1
While collecting mail it became apparent that many of the patterns use to ensure privacy were in fact woven or grid patterns.  I have included the base black pattern, in the centre window, as this is made up of numbers in reverse.

Fabric grid patterns:
From top left: Top row
14 holes to inch Aida cotton canvas
Plastic utility grid
Engine filter

Second row:
28 hole to inch natural linen
28 hole to inch cotton
Jay cloth
Third row:
Red 14 hole to inch canvas
Bottom row:
Fruit bag mesh
Knitted wire
Lurex diagonal grid

Ref 4.3.3
A range of grids from the garden:
From the left:
Three gauges of sieving wire
Plastic mat
Tree protection sleeve
Chicken wire

While looking at these grids I realised it would be useful to refresh my needle knowledge, and actually find out if I had them readily to hand. I tend to use what comes to hand and feels comfortable but will put this task on my 'to do' list so that supplies are ready for later chapters. In starting to look through my workbox found some knitting sample 'grids' but have rejected them.  Was I right to do so - when is knitted considered woven? Could ladders be considered drawn threads?  Perhaps the word 'easily withdrawn' holds the key.

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