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Chapter 4 Fabrics and threads - colouring and bonding

Threads Gathering together threads that I had already dyed for previous projects reminded me of the value of different weights and thicknesses. Collecting and winding cream and white threads and yarns around six cases and also making random skeins to use next to other colours for a bit of colour mixing.
Fabrics Looking back at my colour notes from Module 2 I selected undyed fabrics  made from natural fibres and some pre dyed sheer fabrics.  The idea of doing shibori to experiment with dyes meant that I could also use my threads to tie the fabric and obtain more random colours to my threads.  
Ref 6.4.1

I also collect ready dyed fabrics together, some shop bought and other pieces I had dyed for previous projects in earlier modules.  It felt as though I had a fair number of fabrics to use 
Ref 6.4.2
but decided to proceed with dyeing a few fabrics and threads together to compliment my existing stash. H
ere goes... 
Ref  6.4.3
Ref 6.4.4
While rummaging through the fabrics and cross referencing any print with my pictures in chapter 2 looked for possible connections, missing links and items of contrast.  The fabric and patterns selected would be used in Chapter 5 so needed to keep in mind the potential for stitch but still keen to allow happy accidents! 
As I was not dyeing large quantities of fabric or thread decided to use brusho inks rather than dylon and was pleased with the colours, particularly the shibori in sample 3).
Using a plastic pipe to wrap the fabric and thread round I placed in fixing solution and then for the dyeing placed dye and pipe in a large plastic water bottle and allowed the dye to seep up the piece. I then deepened colour of dye and turned the pipe round so that an ombre effect was achieved. see sample 3
Ref  6.4.5
Decided not to iron some of my dyed fabrics as the shapes could inspire me and leaving the colours together when wet meant I got some cross dyeing.
Ref 6.4.6
Ref  6.4.7
I had a whole range of 'thrumbs' that were waiting to be captured in a fabric so bonded them to a yellow organza with bondaweb and then made a series of oil pastel 'stitches' to compliment the colours.  The sketches were then ironed onto 
Ref 6.4.8
Ref  6.4.9
bondaweb and the colour intensified, see sample 7 .  

I decided not to mount them onto other fabric at the moment as I felt they could be useful for Chapter  6 where layering was a key element. But got some interesting colours of organza and a lurex mesh together as potential candidates for future use!

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