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Chapter 5 stitching

Ref 6.5.2
Ref 6.5.1 a and b
 First attempts and a play with a shapes in my blue green watery series. Rather than replicate the whole picture Sian encouraged concentration on an aspect of the photo.  Samples 1, 2 and 3 take different fabrics and explore ripples and sunlight and for a bit of fun, bubbles in Sample 2 - I found this shaped piece in my fabric stash and as it was already backed with felt experimented with trying to free up my movement, gave it a whirl! The central sample a) in 6.5.1 two cotton fabrics were used the lighter being dyed in Chapter 4 and then cutback once the variegated gimp stitching had been completed.
Sample b) was a shop bought print covered with organza, oddments of organza was stuffed in the channels.

Ref 6.5.3 a
Ref 6.5.3  b and c
For sample 3a) I decided to colour the photo as I liked the ripple  and reflection shown and wanted to see how colour would compliment the effect. Tearing the cotton fabric I then used a variegated thread in zig zag stitch.  Experimenting a step further I decided to use my shibori printed fabric topped with chiffon in b) and then chiffon and organza in c).  I have shown the shibori dyed fabric below the two samples to show why I wanted to use the creasing.  The dyed fabric I had left unpressed as I felt the textured surface had its own unstitched texture.

 For sample 4  I used a velvet and polyester fabric that was already dyed in colours that complimented the image. The interest was in how the fabrics would respond to the stitching, the velvet distorted more easily while also giving depth as a backing fabric to the polyester.
Ref 6.5.4

Ref 6.5.5 a and b
In sample 5 image a) on the left shows a sample completed after Chapter 3 where I decided to paint the calico background with watered down brusho ink to compliment the stitching.  Sample b) using the same polyester back ground as in sample 4 shows a cheese cloth that had been dyed blue and placed next to a yellow dyed fabric and orange dyed sari strip so that the dyes bled. Placed in a hoop the stitching attempts to show circular ripples.

Ref 6.5.6

For sample 6) I wanted to use a stitched and sequined  viscose fabric to bring texture to the fabric through gathering and stitch.  Placing fabric on the hoop I allowed ripples to remain and then worked 'vegetation' cluster stitches with three different threads.

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