Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Chap 11. update 4 Making a Hanging

Ref  6.11.9
Ref 6.11.10
One chapter over let a new one begin!!
Unhappy with my large 'final piece' have resolved to start again with a new lighter version. This was reinforced when taking the piece apart I pinned my patterns over the original artwork. Thanks for Sian's support what follows below will capture feelings about the area and the theme of creative conservation. 
To keep me on track decided a map, in the form of a story board, would keep me on track ...after all, maps had be an initial part of the inspiration!
Boards were headed
Discover - identify the key elements:
  • the brief on conservation
  • the essence  of the space 
  • appropriate images, influences
  • colour palette
  • line,stitch
  • structure
  • inspiration in words and images
Ref 6.11.11a
Ref 6.11.11b
So how is it going since my posting of this update on 2nd June .. a glimpse of the storyboard and first steps:

Ref 6. 11.12 a 
 The storyboard is an homage to many influences that date back to my first course with Distant Stitch, 'Study of a Wall' and the words of wisdom of John Muir and others with regard to conservation.  Images of other artist work  on story board are from Mary Ruth Smith and Herta Puls from Module 1. 
Ref 6.11.12b
Hopefully taking slower, meditative steps through the processes of not only conservation but a resolved piece the decision is to go forward with mainly hand stitch leaving some loose ends....  As ever during these periods you seem to have lots of serendipity moments and for me one came with this quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery: ' Perfection is not when there is no more to add but when there is no more to take away' but I am sure you will spot the moments when I failed to stick to that resolution...head kept saying I needed a touch more after I had taken a whole lot out! More of that in my evaluation and administration but now for some images of the process.

Ref 6.11.13
Ref 6.11.14
The colour ideas were drawn up in 13 and 14 but still felt they were too bold and too much detail  So set out to consider stitches and yarns to see how it could be more satisfactory.  

Ref 6.11.15a
Ref 6.11.15b
Had considered colouring the back ground,  see middle left of 15b but thought this was going into dangerous territory!! 

Played with machining words!

Ref 6.11.16a
Ref 6.11.16b
Then decided to have fun from my thrums box. This is a weving  thrumb from Belinda Rose, thanks Belinda for allowing me this little treasure.
I can hear the cry, 'it was much better before you worked it' but its fragility worried me and it was a wonderful source of threads for my seed stitches but no more explaining .... restraining myself from making you sit through a book full of photos of work in progress!

I will post my admin details in next chapter and save the final picture of the piece to sit with my evaluation of the Final Resolution!!


  1. You are so right to start again, to stand back and look at your story board. I've just been doing the same and realised what I liked about what I was doing and how bogged down I'd become with trying to get the hang of using my machine.
    Light is right!

  2. I think you've got it now. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Love the fact that the comment reminds me of the song about Eliza 'Do little' !! Great to be cheered on my way.