Sunday, 28 June 2015

Evaluation and Resolved sample Module 6

Resolved sample Module 6 a wall hanging


It is becoming an increasingly regular observation that the most memorable lessons often come from making mistakes!  When something goes right you move on but tackling errors makes for more concentration on how to surmount the issues.  While sometimes its best to walk away there are times when something needs to be resolved and completed.  It still may have mistakes but…. in the words of this timeless quote; your best teacher is your last mistake. Without going into  detail of my errors  I am adopting a more positive attitudes, with observations that will help me move forward!  

  • Sketch out your ideas before you take to fabric and threads. Sketch and include details of the basic areas of work and method and thread you will use…make samples, sketch and sketch again.  Work in the size you want the piece to be.
  • Be prepared to change if the way ahead is not showing positive outcomes, but it may need you to go a step further before you turn back. An artist friends comment, ‘Leave it and let it sit where it can be seen at the corner of your eye’
  • When working colour palettes that bring together an image consider pulled together material: paper, fabric, thread that you dye together, each variation of material will take the colour differently but it will sit together in tone.
  • Bought variegated threads can work well in free machine embroidery, but in hand sewing it can be difficult to affect a pleasing, evolving tone. 
  • When working in larger scale consider that detail can be lost but it can also detract.
  • Embrace happy accidents, if in doubt leave before you take out, make notes of how this could impact and keep that eye alert to how it impacts on the whole.
  • The finished piece may not be what you wanted it to be but you have learnt along the way. 
  • Despite all these lessons you will make more mistakes!!
Decisions made
In progress
Now here are images of this staging post from the learning zone. The final decision! to stitch or not stitch over the edge!  I need to take  better photos of the hanging! 
Slightly change a quote;
The journey has been the destination.
My thanks to Sian for her knowledge, observation and supportive skills, my fellow Distant Stitch colleagues for their comments and generosity in sharing experiences, my encouraging authenticator and last but by no means least Mike for his patience regarding things that happen in his special space!


  1. Useful advice for us all Judith! Your words are most encouraging.

    1. Oh for the heady days of youth when one didn't procrastinate, or did I!? Pleased it hit a note for you, as your word said, courage!!! cheers judith